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Season 3 PodCast Episodes

Season 3 Video PodCast Episodes

The Guys and The Gal
Sound Goodness
LaCroix. Having been a production sound mixer on films, documentaries, and commercials he knows how important it is to capture the perfect sound on set. And most of the time that means fighting for your department. But always in a kind, respectful way. Enjoy his wonderful insight and knowledge when it comes to everything sound.
Helena K
Coo Wit it
Crazy Stuff
Camera Funny
Senior Jonathan
Join us this week where we have our very own Jonathan in the ‘hot seat’! He has been working non stop and can’t wait to share some great and crazy stories. Working on Lifetime movies, working where the food just sucks, and where firetrucks come in to ruin all your takes.
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Season 2 PodCast Episodes

Season 1 PodCast Episodes

Season 2 Video PodCast Episodes

DP Stephen
DP Adam
Marq Robinson
Robin Kincade
Ricky Bird
Toby Kearton
Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 8.13.33 PM
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Season 1 Video PodCast Episodes

The Beginning
Kevin B. Funny
Set Stories Sam
Josh Glassman
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