Set Stories PotCast is a podcast where filmmakers share their film set experiences. The good, bad, and ugly of being on a film set is expressed, explained, and educated through Set Stories. Listen, enjoy and learn from some of the most memorable stories ever told.

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Ep 3 Helena Karadimos was Born in Melbourne Australia. Helena is a trailblazer in directing films and music videos. We talk about how challenging it was directing a TV series where they shot it both in Spanish and English. She is also our first guest to play a small trivia game. Does she guess correctly? A hard working bad ass who believes in her vision and always tries to tell a story through a unique style, Helena is an artist to look out for.

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The Amazing Helena K.

Houry, Senior Set Stories, and Jonathan

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Our goal is to tell your Set Stories. We are always looking for guest speakers to share their Set Stories. 

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