Set Stories PotCast is a podcast where filmmakers share their film set experiences. The good, bad, and ugly of being on a film set is expressed, explained, and educated through Set Stories. Listen, enjoy and learn from some of the most memorable stories ever told.

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Set Stories PotCast 420 Special!


Surprise! We are potcasting this season out with this special 4/20 episode. We’ve got stories where Charles was on a music

video with Wiz Khalifa and we’ve got more famous film set stories and they are even crazier then part 1. Thanks for listening! You guys have made this season so much fun! Hope you enjoyed it. See you all next time and stay safe! Make sure to follow us on set_stories_potcast.

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420 Special Episode

Chief Chillin Straight up

 Set Stories PotCast


Robin is baaaaack! And this time we talk alien abductions and true crime stories. Listen to find out what it’s like to film a ‘simple’ shoot in NYC for the first time, what its like to interview people that have gone through trauma and what its like being a producer while working with the cops in Vegas.

Set Stories Started out as an Idea for a comedy show about real people sharing their Set Stories on movies. The stories are supported by re-enactments. Check our first two episodes. 

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Set Stories Show EP

Robin Kincade

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Extra-Sode Thowback

Houry, Senior Set Stories, and Jonathan

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Special Treat from   Mr. Set Stories

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Our goal is to tell your Set Stories. We are always looking for guest speakers to share their Set Stories. 

"There are true Stories, and there are 

        Set Stories"      

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